1.   Water!  Hydrate  all  the  time.  You are now producing liquid gold to hydrate your baby and your body needs water. Find yourself the biggest cup or reusable bottle and drink. Extra tip; If you're still a little sensitive and you're worried about some stinging when you go to the toilet, keep a little squeeze bottle of water in the toilet and use it to dilute your urine as you're peeing.

2.   Gather  everything  you'll need before you sit down to feed. Everything; snacks, drinks, phone, charger, remote and a cloth. Keep this all within arm's reach. There's no time limit on how long bub might feed, or maybe they fall asleep on you and it's way too cute to move. You'll be so glad you have everything right there when you want it.

3.  Get  comfortable.  Breastfeeding in the wrong position can really mess with your lower back muscles. Pillows and cushions are now your best friend. Have them close by. Put one behind your lower back, one on either side of you and one or two in front to prop up bub to your breast. Bring bub to you. Feel free to move the pillows around to change positions, pillows all on one side and propped at the front for a football hold. Most importantly you're both comfortable and you're both not straining to feed.

4.   Get  naked  with  bub.  Skin to skin is so important. It gets bub familiar with the outside of you; your smell, your skin. Feed, sleep, and love on each other. Enjoy a bath together. Get to know each other. One on one time with your bub at this point is a must. You are both learning a new skill and you both need time to do this.

5.  Get  yourself  a  doula.  Find a post partum doula who offers cleaning, cooking and shopping so you can spend all your time establishing your breastfeeding connection. Your doula may also be able to tke you bub for a little walk so you can get some sleep and keep being your best.

I'm proud of you, Mumma.

Naomi x

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