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Hello there. Naomi here.

I’m a fun AF, punk rock, hippy goddess &

I LOVE taking photos!

I also love babies, breastfeeding, birth & all things womb centred. You could say, I’m a birth lovin’, birthcentric, baby crazy, birth nerd who helps you find your own Goddess power & I capture that beautiful power through my lens to hold on to forever.

As well as being a photographer, I am also a Keepsake Artist, specialising in breastmilk keepsakes to celebrate your breastfeeding journey. You can find me over at Ode to Life by Naomi Hoare.

As well as being a photographer & keepsake artist, I am also a Doula. A Dynamo Doula to be exact. I studied under the teachings of Angel Phoenix aka Angela Gallo.
All of her is amazing, check her out.
If you feel called to me and would like to know my Doula offerings, please click on any of the email links on any of my pages and we can have a little chat.

I tell you all this about me not to get you to check out my other offerings
(of course you definitely can, if you want), but it's to help you understand a little more about me & who I am.

I am a giving, helpful, loving person and I only want to make you feel good. Good about yourself, good about the World, just so good.

I believe in Karma; what you give is what you get returned, I believe in the power of positivity; my mind is a powerful thing, and I believe we all just want to live happy lives; I know I do.

Have a look around, if you like my vibe, email me, find me on my socials & hit me up. Let us have some fun together.
I'm always up for a good time.

Thanks for being here.

I can't wait to capture you.

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